This blog is dedicated to empowering young women. Check in daily for a publication to help you reconnect with the goddess within.

I am convinced that people are born as the person that they are meant to be. That would mean that my 24 years have all served a specific purpose, part of a greater plan. I believe that you, too, are a part of this plan. Our conception of time is not intended as a stop or start point for when we decide to engage with life, it’s merely a tool we use to measure our universe. With that said, I’ll share the story of my life.

I was born in to an immigrant father and American mother in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Raised in Los Angeles & Santa Rosa, California, then bounced around between Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Santa Barbara & Orange County, California. Studied Accounting, then changed my major to European Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. My studies included the German language, European history, women’s studies, cultural anthropology, politics, art, mythology, astronomy; my college career has been encompassing, to say the least.

Through school and after graduation, I worked with young companies in the LA area. Seeing the masculinity of the business world, I left my management position in search of a more creative pursuit, where I could learn and share the topics I truly found interesting.

I consider myself a world citizen, but Los Angeles is where I typically retreat to. My greatest realization is that  everyone in the world desires the same securities, regardless of culture, class, race or gender, and those securities are provided by love, community, imagination and perseverance. I like working within the rules in ingenious and impactful ways, then I like rewriting them.


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