The Ultimate Quesadilla Snack

There’s 2 things your inner French girl cannot live without—bread and cheese. Luckily, most cultures worldwide sympathize with your borderline obsession with baked goods and dairy (so no guilt here please!)

How could something so simple taste so good?  So simple, in fact, it’s almost ridiculous. I’ll explain how to make a killer gouda cheese quesadilla with just 3 ingredients!



  1. Organic flour tortillas
  2. Butter (I prefer to use clarified butter i.e. ghee, but it’s your call!)
  3. Gouda cheese (I like the Trader Joe’s Dutch Gouda from Holland)



Step 4:

Fold your quesadilla in half. Butter one side and stick that side down in a pan.

Step 5:

Heat your stove to medium heat. Flip occasionally until both sides are browned and the cheese inside is melted. Use your spoon to pat down the cheese, thinning it out so it melts more evenly and quickly.


Word to the wise—keep those ingredients on-deck! It’s likely you’ll be back at the stove to make your next quesadilla shortly.


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