Understanding the Way You Learn

Have you ever wondered why some courses are more difficult than others, despite the fact that the material should be easier to grasp? I definitely pondered this in my history courses, wondering why linguistic courses and women’s studies classes were easier.

I realized that my rote memory (that is, the idea that one can more quickly recall a knowledge by repeatedly familiarizing themselves with it) was not too strong, which is why memorizing dates and events from books was so challenging.

Instead, I learned best through discussion. When I had the opportunity to practice what I was learning, or apply it to my life experiences, I better grasped and understood the subject material.

Being aware of your learning strengths gives you a huge upper-hand in a meaningful learning experience. What kind of learner are you? Answer the questions below to find out!

Select which types of classes you do best in. Keep in mind that you can excel in a combination of learning styles, not just 1!

  1. Creative and artistic subjects
    • Visual Learners prefer to see information and visualize the relationships between the ideas. These are the doodlers, the color fanatics and the film buffs.
  2. Lecture courses
    • The Auditory Learner prefers to hear info rather than seeing or reading it displayed visually. This learner is sensitive to sound, perhaps even a musician or a music lover.
  3. Heavy reading assignments
    • For the Reading and Writing Learner, interacting with the text is the most powerful way they learn.
  4. Hands-on experience!
    • The Kinesthetic Learner is a hands-on, experiential learner. They learn best by doing. These people may be athletic or enjoy physical challenges.

Want to learn more about maximizing learning methods for you?

Searh StudyingStyle.com for tips!



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