Your Instagram-Worthy Camping Trip

Spending Thanksgiving at home? Maybe you’re ditching family time this year and opting to spend your well-earned PTO at a resort destination. Either way, it’s time to rethink your holiday plans and get outside! Both exhilarating, revivifying and budget-friendly, a tip outdoors may be just what you need to bring a fresh perspective to your life.

This guide will help you design a stunning, Instagram-worthy camping trip this long weekend. From chic to practical, these important details will set your camping trip apart from the rest.

1. Pick the perfect spot to camp

Typically, campsites for summer holidays tend to book months in advance. While you may be comforted by the amenities of a traditional campsite, opt for a more fulfilling experience and camp backcountry. Hike into the wilderness for a serene, calming experience and escape the Black Friday mayhem. Seek a spot with access to a lake or waterfall where you can filter fresh water and go for a dip. We recommend taking an adventure through the gorgeous, ancient Havasupai Falls in Arizona.

2. Your first Thanksgiving spent in a tree, guaranteed 

A Guide to Instagram-worthy Camping| Laurel & Wolf

When you are trekking through the outdoors, your tent will be your only refuge from wildlife and the tough natural elements. Don’t settle for mediocre accommodations. Bring a tent that has all of the bells and whistles you might need. If you’ll be camping in a heavily wooded location, a tree tent will make you feel as free as a bird. Bringing the dogs? Choose a tent that comes with a doggie door.

3. Pack envy-ensuing cookware for hot coco by the fire

A Guide to Instagram-worthy Camping| Laurel & Wolf

Think camping food is nothing more than energy bars and dehydrated fruits? Think again! Even if you’re a veggie, you can make some seriously delicious dishes that will have people shaking their heads in disbelief that it’s camping food. Don’t forget to pack a compact french press and your enamelware for a picture-perfect morning meal.

4. Throw in some thick, beautiful blankets for comfort 

A Guide to Instagram-worthy Camping| Laurel & Wolf

Stay cozy when temperatures get low with a traditional Mexican blanket. These thick, cushy blankets are durable and oversized so you’ll stay perfectly warm.

5. Bring a waterproof phone case

A Guide to Instagram-worthy Camping| Laurel & Wolf

If you’re lucky enough to be in a warm enough climate for a swim, don’t miss any opportunities for an env-worthy shot! Get yourself a waterproof phone case and plunge down under for some amazing photos.

6. Bring your mat

A Guide to Instagram-worthy Camping | Laurel & Wolf

Add a yoga mat to your packing list for the ultimate mountaintop photo shoot. Nature will serve as the best studio and you will benefit from an incredibly meditative experience. Not only will your yoga mat be a foundation for a serene shot, but you can also use it as an added layer of padding beneath your sleeping bag. Multi-functional is where it’s at when on the trail.

7. Include a trendy tech gadget

A Guide to Instagram-worthy Camping| Laurel & Wolf

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you’ve stepped back to the Dark Ages! Bring an exceptional piece of equipment with you that will transform your entire camping experience. Whether it’s a gravity filter for filtering fresh spring water, or portable solar-charged lamps to add some mood lighting to your campground, a technologically advanced gadget will modernize the whole outdoor experience and make you feel right at home.

8. Pack it all in.Creating the perfect study space for back to school | Laurel & Wolf

Choose the right backpack to meet your individual camping needs. If you’re hiking to your camping spot, you’ll need a large backpack to carry all of your belongings. If you’re simply adventuring during the day, consider a smaller pack to hold just the necessities, or a Camelback to keep you hydrated.

9. Get the turkey to go

tanka bars

I’ve never heard of a Thanksgiving dinner on the go, but fortunately I have heard of Tanka Bars; delicious Bison jerky bars made with cranberries and spices, sans the nasty stuff. For dessert, pack in a can of pumpkin, warm it over the fire and add raw sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg for pumpkin pie in a mug. While it’s not the real thing, it’s close enough to do the trick! Paired with the ideal weekend spent outdoors, and you’ll be one happy Thanksgiving camper.

Whether you choose to frolic in the meadows this Thanksgiving weekend or swim yourself to bliss in a sublime waterfall, use this guide to help make every moment picture-perfect.

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