7 Best Home Finds Under $150

Nothing rings more true to me than the phrase “entry level.” However, you can’t sacrifice a private home space (er, sanctuary) that makes you feel good. And when it comes to design for a young professional, functionality and aesthetic are equally important.

To help you make the most of your investments, I’ve selected my favorite deals. The pieces translate well from college to post-graduation, making these buys even more worthwhile. Better yet, you can purchase these chic staples online. Check and done!

1. A Mid-Century Stool

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 9.06.26 PM.png

In my opinion, a multifunctional stool is a must-have piece of furniture. Available in fun colors like sunshine yellow, army green and denim light blue (pictured), the chic design of AllModern’s Elowen Vanity Bench makes it an attractive addition to a Contemporary Eclectic or Modern home. Use it in your living room as a foot rest, in your kitchen as an occasional step stool, or park it next to your window as a home as extra shelf space. Almost a foot and a half tall, there is no limit to what this teeny but mighty stool can do for your space!

2. Boho Kilim Nagar Rug


So many reasons to love this area rug from Cost Plus World Market. The pastel-colored, handwoven rug as a warm, vintage yet delicate feel to your common spaces without overpowering whatever existing pieces you have. Made from recycled bottles, you can feel great about this purchase.

The rug is also suitable for outdoor use, meaning it is durable (a good quality to have in an area rug!) Available in a variety of sizes, this rug will suit just about any size or style of room you’re shopping for.

3. The Utilitarian Mexican Blanket

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 9.18.06 PM

A Mexican blanket throw is perfect for snuggling up in bed with a book, or even for impromptu dog beds. Easy to wash, Mexican blankets of all colors and sizes are a staple in my house. Drape it at the end of your bed, over the arm of a chair, or use it to decorate a bland couch. Either way, this inexpensive throw will step up your interior design game with a touch of culture. Find ’em everywhere, Amazon included.

4. Metal Basketsvia Target

It’s amazing how much more inclined you are to keep your space clean when you have a beautiful way to organize it! Antique pewter round bins are ideal for storing linens, towels, and loose items. This versatile basket can also be used for clean or dirty laundry! Score!

5. Faux Sheepskin 

12 Best Interior Design Finds At IKEA | Laurel & Wolf

I love IKEA’s TEJN faux sheepskin. Use it to cushion your desk chair, or throw it on your wood or tile floor to add instant warmth. is perfect to use as a rug or a throw on the end of your sofa. Best of all, this gem is yours for only $13!

6. Hurricane glass and and a small candle collection

A yogi student

Add a romantic and warm touch with hurricane glass and candles from World Market. It’s a simple, budget-friendly pick-me-up to transform your space into a cozy hideaway. Find various sizes and styles of hurricane glass ranging from $3 and up!

7. Add some depth to your sofa with bright printed pillows

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 9.11.56 PM.pngSpice it up with prints! Your next favorite room accessory is oversized pillows. These accessories are not only practical, but full of personality. I love these pillows that my friend Amanda makes.

Renting? Best of all, you can take these additions with you to your next space!

Did I leave out any of your favorites? Tell me what I’m missing!



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