Top 5 Killer Winter Workouts You Can Do in Your Tiny Space

winter_workoutsThe winter season is cold, damp, and dark, so its natural that’s your Grizzly Bear-like desire for rich, filling foods and days spent in bed would override your typical workout routine. But just because your body is going into hibernation mode doesn’t mean you should neglect your workouts (talking to myself here, obvi).

Kick your metabolism into high gear—without ever leaving your house! Here’s 5 killer winter workouts you can do from home to keep you strong, lean and energized this holiday season.

1. Get your booty into shape in 5 minutes

Do I have your attention? Good! This amazing workout from British TV personality Brooke Burke knows how to stay in shape. As a former model, this mommy of 3 knows how to get a good workout in quick. Although this workout is short, it can be a challenge. My advice (and speaking from experience) is begin your day with this routine each morning before breakfast and fill up on a protein rich breakfast afterwards. You’ll begin to feel and see a quick transformation!

2. Forget coffee! This full body stretch will get you going 

Sometimes a good workout is less about the cardio and strength, and more about the movement and breath coordination. For those mornings where you find it especially difficult to get your workout started, get a full body stretch that’s sure to leave you feeling revived with Yoga instructor Cindie Corbin.

3. A gentle yoga routine for weight loss

Yoga instructor Tara Stiles of Strala Yoga is OG. I love her gentle, personalized approach to yoga. Her routines are typically around 10 minutes long, making the great quick workouts. Or, combine 3-6 videos for a more intense set targeting the areas you want to improve upon.

This video is a fantastic weight loss routine that’s both gentle and get’s your heart rate up. Best of all, all you need is some free space and a mat.

4. The ultimate yoga cardio routine

A fan of cardio? This routine will give you a run for your money! Moving a nice pace and with some challenging poses, Tara will get your heart rate up better than the bike or treadmill, guaranteed.

5. A truly crazy core routine in under 11 minutes

(Yes, more Tara Styles b/c I love her.) Working on your core can be…challenging. Sure, you know your core muscles need attention, but how can you get them into shape? This routine is a simple solution. Whip out that mat, and be prepared to feel the burn in your abdominals! Dedicate yourself to this practice, and you’ll notice the routine will become easier and easier each time. What’s important is that you push yourself each time, building strength and stamina.

Keep yourself active these winter months with these time-saving killer routines that you can do in your tiny space.


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