3 Tips Every Traveler with a Camera Must Know

Digital photography has taken the world by storm. Everyone who owns a smartphone, from the 6 to 60-year-olds, can now take an amazing photo worthy of proper framing. It’s become so tempting to take endless shots and mindless screenshots, but aren’t meaningless photos still…well…lacking meaning?

Before we proceed I do want to be honest with you and say that I’m not a professional photographer, but a person who enjoys snapping photos. Nonetheless, I really became obsessed with taking quality pictures while studying abroad in Fall of 2015.

How do you take a photo that’s timeless? (No, seriously, if you have an answer to this, please share it in the comments at the bottom of the page!)

All of that aside, it’s time for an image revolution! Reconnect with the lens and take photos that express your individuality. Go beyond what’s cool and go into what’s you.

Create your own work of art


I took this photo at the Rena Sophia in Madrid, Spain. It was a still from a silent film of a woman dancing. The shadow in the foreground is my own shadow interrupting the piece and the viewer, which in this case is myself. I have put myself between the art and the medium, making this my own piece. Explore art museums with your camera and seek new ways to present existing art.


Natural settings are true perfection 

There’s something quite irresistible about the serenity of outdoor photography. Nature shots are typically timeless, and they can be used in mixed media or graphic arts pieces to add a complex dynamic to a whole work. Paired with ideal lighting, such as late afternoon sunlight, the hues found in nature are incomparable.

The Little Things


While the idea of carrots or scarves might not excite you, maybe the actual presentation you are experiencing does. In this case, as I strolled through the daily farmer’s market in the city of Paris, I was captivated by the simple beauty in the presentation of these eggs. If a particular image is speaking to your emotions and elevating you, don’t think twice. Capture the moment with your camera.


A beautiful image begins with a beautiful frame of mind. Allow yourself to be present, wherever you travel, and allow your imagination to soar.

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