11 Healthy Activities You Should Already Be Doing to #TreatYourself

The winter months can be brutal. The dark clouds seem to cast a spell of moodiness, and the dropping temperatures make hibernating a real thing for humans, too. Combat the winter blues by showing yourself some love!

Here are 11 simple ways to make yourself feel like a princess, anytime and anyplace!


1. Work on your manifestation journal


When you put pen to paper and write about the things that you really desire in life, you are putting your thoughts into an even stronger motion. Not only are you deliberately inviting these dreams and desires into your experience, but you will increase your mood and improve your current feelings toward a difficult situation.

2. Give your face what it’s begging for

When my skin is having a temper tantrum, especially my face, I become easily irritable, and the stress of breaking out doesn’t make things any better. Instead of worrying about your skin, using every product you can get your hands on, take a good look in the mirror under sufficient lighting. After you wash your hands with a natural, non-abrasive soap, gently feel the texture and oils of your skin, and go with your gut! You know your skin better than anyone. What does it need? Does it need a toner with alcohol for intense drying and cleansing, or does it need a gentle oil like argan oil to calm its dry irritation?

Give this method a shot. After what may possibly be a few trial and errors, you’ll be in a better connection to give your skin what it really needs before the breakout madness can happen again.

3. Massage those feets with intention

Did you know that the place in which one massages the foot directly impacts connected organs? It’s true! The practice is known as Reflexology, where practitioners apply certain pressure to the hands, feet or ears to positively impact corresponding parts of the body.

Beware! Reflexology is a science, so be sure to see a specialist if you are seeking a deep work. Otherwise, a gentle massage in the general location corresponding to the issue area is a nice offering to your body that feels good.reflexology

4. A fresh-squeezed fruit juice your body has been craving

root for mint

Not all sugars are bad, and sometimes the boost from a fresh-squeezed juice packed with vitamins is all we need! Simply opt for fresh, organic (or at least GMO-free) OJ, or mix it up with some veggies, herbs or roots. A refreshing juice to seriously treat yourself is the Root for Mint, with parsnip, kale, mint and lime. Find the recipe here!

5. Some quiet time with a book and your favorite warm beverage

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 11.14.07.png

Never underestimate the power or reading! Reading can dramatically reduce your stress rate in record time, and paired with a warm beverage, can bring a sense of security and comfort into your life. Simple as pie!

6. A huge bed of veggies


Ideally the perfect salad would be prepared by you, with fresh, organic ingredients from the local farmers market for optimal nourishment. However, life can get crazy, and sometimes the ‘namastay at home and prepare raw food’ is not much of an option. That’s O.K! But don’t use this as your excuse not to eat healthy. Splurge a little, if need be, on a huge salad. Not only will it be satisfying, fulfilling and engergizing, but you will feel good about yourself the whole day, thanks to your self-loving decision. Remember that eating right now means a healthy future, which is well worth the investment.

7. Get outside and be thankful

Wherever you are, you can always go for a walk. It will help clear your mind and bring you back to center. If you’re having a hard time being present, start thinking about the things you’re thankful for, then hold yourself accountable for your thoughts the rest of the walk. Let this be a meditative moment where you send your mind free from the stresses of the material world.

8. Bring your essential oils into a warm shower

I used to feel like I was missing out on a luxury by always opting for the shower. Solution? Bring an essential oil into he shower with you, such as lavender oil. Get it nice and steamy in there, and drop a few drops onto a clean, damp washcloth. Lay it over your face, and prepare to feel instantly tamed.

9. Write yourself a kind note

When was the last time you said something nice to yourself? Hopefully not long ago! And, when was the last time you wrote yourself a kind note? Perhaps a little longer. Send yourself a couple of sentences with a pat on the back. Put it somewhere where you’ll see it again, preferably somewhere where you know you’re more likely to engage in self-critical behavior, like on your desk, or in front of the mirror.

10. Stop, drop and stretchstrechting.jpg

This is the easiest way to rejuvenate yourself! Simply stop what you’re doing, take 3 deep breaths, and move into some stretches where you feel extra tight. Perhaps your wrists and neck could use some love, or maybe it’s your back that’s tense from the cold. Take a moment to check-in with yourself and the results will be instant.

11. Make a health tonic 

homemade tonic.jpg

Whip out the cayenne pepper, the whole lemon, ginger, the apple cider vinegar, the mint, the lime; all the good stuff! And give yourself a boost with minimal effort. Before reaching for that second mug of coffee, explore the alternatives that you can achieve with infused water. A simple combination of water and lemon can increase energy, improve digestion, balance your pH, and improve your immune system.

These 11 ways to #Treatyourself will enrich your wellbeing. Don’t hesitate to bookmark this list and return to it, reminding yourself that your wellbeing is top-priority.


A yogi student

Bonn, Germany

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