11 Ways to Make Your Winter Months Count

It’s easy to find yourself in a Zara, Urban Outfitters, or Lululemon. Just start the day with no particular agenda, head into the general direction of your favorite stores, and merrily procrastinate the day away. Yes, this series of events is a thing, and you’re not alone. So how do you spend your hard earned money on magical items that do more than make a season-long impression, but create a lasting, positive impact on you? You simply seek things that make you really feel good. Not the feel good like, “Damn! I slay this dress”, but the good like deep, whole good.

Here’s a guide to treating yourself to those buys that really fill up your soul, not just your closet.


  1. Essential Oils are more essential than you think



You’d be surprised just how joyous it will make you to shop essential oils. Finding a scent that jibes with your vibes can become, well, addicting. Wherever you are, come back to center with your own favorite natural scent. We love how subtle yet powerful these delicate scents can be. Head over to your local natural foods store, or your local Whole Foods, which promises a high-quality, diverse range of scents using natural extracts.


2. Proper face products that actually make you want to wash your face

honey girl.jpg

Treat yo’ self to that honey eye balm at night! It’s never not worth it to focus on your skin. Keep your face looking young and youthful far beyond 25 with natural, result-proven products. We love the Honey Girl Organics line, available at iHerb.com (a great online destination for discounted wellness products!)

3. Show your bod some love


Because the dry winter climate can dry your skin, it’s important to use a skin brush weekly or bi-monthly, depending on your skin type. Inexpensive all-natural bristle brushes will help rid your body of dead skin. Always brush in a motion towards your heart to promote a natural purifying process. After you feel you have done the job, take a warm, soothing shower to help open pores and use a natural soap to help clean the skin. Finally, apply your favorite body oil for the ultimate mostuization and relaxation process ( we heart coconut oil, forever!).

4. The ultimate chapstick you’ll cherish


With so may kinds of chapstick available, it’s easy to forget that all chapsticks are not created the same! A exceptional chapstick will not only nourish your lips, but protect them from environmental damage. We particularly love there German line Weleda, and their Everon Lip Balm, available at iHerb.com.

5. Tea that’s made for you (really!)Yogitea.png

Maybe you have heard of the ancient Hindu system of holistic medicine known as Ayurveda. Ayurveda practitioners have boasted radiant health well into adulthood by following and teaching this ancient system of medicine. Determine your constitution at banyanbotanicals.com, then find a tea with the herbs that suit your particular makeup. We love the brand YogiTea!

6. Feed your soul with colorful fruits & veggies that make you feel good


It’s easy to get caught up in the basics: carrots, spinach, maybe a cucumber here and there. Don’t forget that nature has created plants in every color of the rainbow reflecting each vegetable’s varying nutrition value. Mix it up with yellow, red, and green bell peppers, packed with vitamin C! Experiment with alfalfa sprouts to get your micronutrients, too!

7. A vase of flowers for your bedroom 


What’s even better than waking up to your beloved partner? Waking up to a vase of scented flowers! (Sorry, boys.) One of our favorite ways to start the day is with a cup of warm tea and lemon, but even before that, reaching for the alarm is so much sweeter when it happens over Peonies!

8. Moisturizing mask for your hair


It’s typical that the dry winter weather will leave your ends feeling brittle and neglected. Keep your hair looking healthy and strong while making up for the damage caused in the summer sun with a natural, homemade mask. Our favorite? Straight avocado. The fatty acids and natural oils are incredibly theraputic. If you want to bring out your inner chemist, give this recipe a try!

9. All natural candles


Beware! Not all candles are created the same. Your typical candle uses synthetic fragrances and products that can be harmful to your health. Opt for a more natural option such as beeswax candles. Not to mention, they will burn significantly longer than the average candle. Learn how to DIY your own beeswax candles here!

If you’re feeling especially extravagant, indulge yourself in a scented Jo Malone candle, famous for their signature, high-quality scents.

10. A spiritual book you can really get into


Don’t be afraid to hit the New Age or Spiritual section at Barnes and Noble. Take your time and explore; You’re likely to find something that resonates with you on a higher level. And interesting read that feeds your spiritual side will help make those rainy days in doors really count for real R&R. Our current obsession? The timeless autobiography that follows the miraculous experience of a Indian Swami, Parmahansa Yogananda.

11. The perfect scarf

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 14.41.35

The typical student lugs pounds of baggage around campus during school year, creating unnecessary back pain. One of the easiest ways to keep your spine feeling good in winter months is with a scarf that insulates your neck. Invest in a versatile, well-made scarf. Select the thickness and material depending on the climate in which your living.


May your holiday season help bring out the best in you! Happy Holidays!


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