Fall Style: Imported from Europe

The cool weather of fall has already shown itself in Northern Europe. And while your in flowing sundresses on the West Coast, I’m in a parka and snow boots, experiencing my very own melodramatic frostbite in Northern Germany. Enjoy those last dog days of summer, a much-needed El Niño is on the horizon for Southern California. Let me guess, your closet is so. not. ready.

European fashion is known to always be a step ahead of fashion in the United States. Much to our denial in NY and LA, there’s some truth to this. What makes European fashion superior, and how do you get the mod, mature look this upcoming rainy season? Begin your Euro style transformation here.

First and foremost, less is more.

via Zara

A luxurious closet that’s the size of your apartment is every girl’s dream come true. Prince charming, you’re actually second on the list (sorry not sorry). But, until you can afford a high end shopping spree on the Champs-Elyseés, it’s impractical to accumulate things you aren’t regularly wearing. It means, more to move, and more to store.

It’s guaranteed that you have more than you know what to do with hiding in your closet, or if your Carrie Bradshaw, in your oven. Start by going through your clothes. Donate or sell anything you haven’t worn in two years, and especially, rid yourself of poor quality clothing. Keep your best pieces that flatter you best, and show your style.

Practicality #FTW

via Uniqlo

If there’s one thing the Germans love, it’s efficiency and practicality, even if they aren’t always a stellar example of it. That means that whatever they buy, they opt for comfort. In the former capital of Bonn, women ride their bicycles in heels, beautiful shawls, and skinny jeans, all while looking absolutely flawless. Doesn’t this defy all reason, you ask? Certainly not! By developing a keen sense of what designs work with your lifestyle, you can be sure to always choose options that make your life more comfortable. Here are a few alternative looks for your favourite styles:

  1. You love heels: opt for a leather bootie with a thicker heel for optimal comfort, and to help contain your body warmth.
  2. You love going it without an umbrella: your such a romantic! Keep dry with a hooded water-resistant jacket.
  3. You love yoga pants: spice it up with thermal tights and a flowing dress.

Discipline is key.

via Polyvore

With the ubiquity of stores like Zara and H&M, both in the US and Europe, it’s easy to see clothing as a ‘one-time-wear’. In other words, you may think its easier to justify a scarf you’ll only wear 3 times when it costs less than $10. Combat this impulse to buy and pose yourself this question:

Would I rather save the money and put it towards a scarf that’s higher quality and more versatile?

Being choosey about your clothing purchases helps you define your style, and it also makes getting ready in the morning much easier when your closet coordinates more easily.

Style over fashion.

via Tumblr

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” Remember, style and fashion aren’t the same. If you’re bored with your closet, stop following trends and start making them. What do the Europeans really have over American fashion? Individuality. And that’s something every girl’s got.


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